Tried & Tested Clover Wonder Clips

Tried & Tested Clover Wonder Clips

Tried & Tested Clover Wonder Clips

October 28, 2013 | Tried & Tested | 1 Comment

As a girl that can’t step away from a new gadget, it’s no surprise that as soon as I could get my little hand on a couple of Wonder Clips I would snap them up and try them out straight away. Binding a quilt can be a fussy task, and I know all too well that fistfuls of pins can be both awkward and prickly, so when a new product hits the craft stores that promised to take the stress out of securing binding, I’m first in line to give it a try!

Friends, I’d like to introduce the Clover Wonder Clip

Wonder Clip Review Made PeachyI know that your thinking, these are just little plastic clips, what’s so wonderful about them? Well, these handy little spring-hinged clips are prefect for holding binding in place on the layered quilt top, instead of using pins making it all together easier to stitch in place!
made from a strong plastic with a curved red upper section, that can accommodate the bulk of fabric layers, while the clear lower section has a series of markings that are used to calculate seam measurements – neat huh?
WonderClips3Once the binding has been stitched in place, you’d normally work around the quilt folding and pressing the remaining section of binding into position to be hand stitched in place. Here you’d be inserting heaps of pins along the work. Yes, pins will effectively hold the binding in place while your stitching. But, they do also have their downsides. Firstly, I know I can’t be the only stitcher in the world that has pricked myself numerous times while smoothing out the binding to get a really crisp finish – the wonder clips have no pointy parts, so reposition the binding where needed is a prickle-free zone!

More often than not, I’ll sit with my quilt in my lap to hand sew the binding. After all, it is the perfect way to spend a chilly winter evening. But, when you move and reposition the quilt to work on the next length of binding, it is hard to prevent the ends of the pins on other section of the binding attaching to other sections of the quilt, or stabbing you – see, there’s that prickle thing again. The Wonder Clips hold fast, so you can move the quilt around with almost wild abandon, repositioning it to your hearts content to located the next section to be stitched or get into a comfy position.

Unlike pins, the clips can simply be slid upwards, to reveal the stitching edge of the folded binding, without having to remove them completely and reposition. So, there is less change of moving the neatly pressed and positioned binding resulting in a wonky or uneven edging.
Wonder Clips Made PeachyA neat mitre on each and every quilt corner is a goal for quilters, and using the clips is a great way to position the neatly folded fabrics and hold them secure ready for stitching. The quick and easy mechanism means that you can move the clips and easily reposition the fabrics to get the folds just so before re-clipping. The flat lower edge of the base of the clip means that it will sit flush on a solid surface allowing you to make any adjustments without the fabrics moving or distorting as you work.
WonderClips5So, will you be ditching your pins? I’d say that you won’t want to be throwing out your pin cushion just yet, there will always be jobs that pins and pins alone are called for. But, These little notions are the perfect addition to your sewing stash.

You know something else? These are not only the must-have notion for quilting. They are also great for fabrics that you don’t want to, or can’t pin, like oil cloth, laminated fabrics and leather. They are fabulous for holding together multiple layers of fabrics for dressmaking or bag making and are hand when precision is needed for seams, using the seam guides on the back. So, whilst they make light work of binding quilts, I’m certain that the longer they live in my sewing box the more stitching action they will see!
Wonder Clips Made PeachyWonder Clips, £7.64 per pack of 10 are available from Abakhan

So, tell me, have you got a set of Wonder Clips in you essential sewing supplies? What other amazing things or techniques do you use them for?

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