Tried & Tested: Swatch Buddies

Tried & Tested: Swatch Buddies

Tried & Tested: Swatch Buddies

July 17, 2014 | Tried & Tested | 1 Comment

Sometimes in life it is the littlest things that turn out to make a huge difference.
Swatch Buddies 7That my friends is exactly what happened when I got my hands on a pack of Swatch Buddies a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to go right ahead and admit it, when I first saw these I thought that they were a bit of a gimmick. Sure a purpose-designs fob for carrying your fabric swatches is pretty cute, but it is really necessary? Lemme tell y’all I was wrong!

Swatch Buddies 1Swatch Buddies c/o Hantex RRP £8.30 per pack of 24

Using Swatch Buddies is easy breezy!
Swatch Buddies 2Remove the backing paper from the adhesive sheet
Swatch Buddies 3Apply the adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric and trim the fabric with pinking sheers
Swatch Buddies 4Remove the remaining backing from the adhesive and secure to the tab
Swatch Buddies 5Add your fabric notes to the reverse
Swatch Buddies 6Feed onto the neat little key chain and your ready to rock to the fabric store!

These are fabulous for quilters, yes, because you can keep your swatches with you, in your purse, all neatly marked up ready for buying yet more fabric. And, who doesn’t like buying more fabrics? Exactly! Not all of us love to quilt, but my friends these little beauties aren’t just for quilters! Nope! I would, hand on heart, say that Swatch Buddies will be useful for pretty much all fabricaholics!

Swatch Buddies 8Whilst I love to make quilts, I work on a wide range of sewing project – most often commissions and will regularly be heading to the fabric store with a half finish project in search of the perfect accent, backing or lining. Heading supplies shopping mid-make is never ideal, even less so when you have to pack up your project and tote it along with you. Trust me, it’s a disaster waiting to happen! So, these little babies are by far the most convenient to whizz along with to the fabric store.
Swatch Buddies 9One of my very favourite things about the Swatch Buddies is the little sticker that lets you not the fabrics. When I’m working on commissions I try to keep a clipping of the selvedge if it’s printed with the designer’s name, print and collection – which is great when it comes to writing up the pattern or project instructions because it is surprisingly difficult to remember exactly what you’ve used when you work on a lot of different makes. While this system of clipped selvedges stick into my notebook of design notes is great, it’s not as inspiring as looking at a swatch of the fabric knowing that all the essential information is right there with it.

For me the Swatch Buddies are a complete game changer – have you tired them out yet? What do you think?

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    July 17, 2014

    What a great idea! Much better than losing the swatches you’ve stuffed into your purse or bag. Will have to get some of these 🙂

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