The Vilene Sewing Club: Log Cabin Pot Holder

The Vilene Sewing Club: Log Cabin Pot Holder

The Vilene Sewing Club: Log Cabin Pot Holder

April 30, 2014 | Crafts | 1 Comment

 Add a modern twist to a kitchen classic with a fun blend of designer print cottons.
The Vilene Sewing Club Log Cabin Pot Holder Made PeachySkills you’ll master…log cabin piecing – using Vilene Quickscreen Square, layering elements for quilting, adding simple quilting, applying binding to finish raw edges

Grab your supplies…
Print cotton in five complementary designs, with two in a light shade, two in a darker shade and one accent for the centre
Vilene Quickscreen Square
Vilene Thermolam
Vilene Cotton Batting
Bias Binding
Dressmaking Scissors
Quilters Pencil
Sewing Machine

Let’s make a Log Cabin Pot Holder
Vilene Quickscreen Square Log Cabin Tutorial Made PeachyStep 1

Cut one 6.5inch square from one print cotton to create the backing fabric. Cut two 6.5inch square from the Vilene Thermolam and cut one 6.5inch square from the Vilene Cotton Batting.Trim the fabrics into 2inch strips. Divide the strips into piles of the lighter and darker shades. Working on the wrong side of the square of Vilene Quickscreen Square, so that the printed grid is on the underside, trim the fabric for the centre block into a 2inch square and position into the centre of the Vilene Quickscreen Square using the grid for accuracy.

Step 2
Place the first of the lighter shade 2inch strips of fabric,along the left-hand side of the centre block. This is going to be the first piece that is sewn into start the Log Cabin design. Align the strip onto the centre block, with the right sides of the fabrics facing and pin into place.

Step 3
Working with the right side of the Vilene Quickscreen Square uppermost (so the printed grid is clear) join the two pieces together with a straight machine stitch, working along the markers for one grid box – 1cm square – from the edge of the fabrics, and finish the line of stitching at the end of the centre square. Using the scissors, cut away the unstitched fabric at the base of the seam in line with the lower part of the centre block. Try to cut the strip as neat and even as possible – using the grid as a guide – as this makes adding in the next pieces of fabric easier. Finger press the fabrics open.

Step 4
Place the remaining strip of the same light fabric below the two joined pieces, this is where the next seam will be made. Place the strip over the two joined pieces with the right sides facing and pin in place. Working on the right side of the Vilene Quickscreen Square, stitch the strip in place along the length of the previously joined pieces using a straight machine stitch and working along the grid lines one box in from the edge of the fabric. Once stitched, turn to the wrong side, remove the pins, cut away the excess fabric and press the pieces flat.

Step 5
With the first of the dark fabric strips, position along the side of the last strip added. With the strip positioned right sides facing over the last strip and the centre block pin neatly in place. Working on the right side if the Vilene Quickscreen Square, join in along the length of the two previously joined strips using the grid as a guide, keeping the stitching one grid box from the edge of the fabric.

Step 6
Cut away the excess of the strip and remove the pins and press open. Place the remaining strip of fabric along the upper section of the block, this will be the position of the next seam. Position this fabric, with right sides facing, over the last joined strip and the centre square and pin in position.

Step 7
On the right side of the Vilene Quickscreen Square, stitch in place with a straight seam along the grid line. Always ensuring that you stitching on the first grid line in from the raw edges will ensure that all the seams throughout the block are even and neat. Once this section has been stitched the first round of the Log Cabin design is complete. Continue to add a second round in the same manner. First adding in the two light strips then the two dark strips, working around the centre square. Trim away the excess Vilene Quickscreen Square that borders the completed block.

Step 8
Place the backing fabric down with the wrong side uppermost. Create a sandwich with the Square of Vilene Cotton Batting between the two pieces of Vilene Thermolam, and place on top of the backing fabric. Finally add the log cabin block to the top with the right side outermost. Align the raw edges and pin in place. Using a quilters pencil mark out two lines across the block from once corner to the opposite one intersecting in the centre. Using a straight machine stitch work over these lines to quilt the design and to secure the layers together.

Step 9
Beginning at one corner, Pin the bias tape around the edge of the project, with one half sitting on either side of the pot holder and the raw edges secured in the fold. Fold mitres into the corners and pin in place. Work with a straight machine stitch, 5mm in from the edge of the binding to secure the binding into position on both sides. Stitch an additional 4inches of binding together following the same stitching line. Fold the excess binding back onto the pot holder aligning with the lower edge of the bias and stitch in place to create a hanging loop.

Made Peachy Tip
When using Vilene Quickscreen Square to create Log Cabin Blocks you can work either clockwise or anti-clockwise around the centre square when adding in the strips, the principle for joining in the pieces will be exactly the same, just remember which direction you are working if you are making multiple block and want to have them all appear the same!

The Vilene Sewing Club Log Cabin Pot Holder Made PeachyDownload the printer-friendly version!

Vilene Quickscreen Square Log Cabin Tutorial Made PeachyPssst! Want an extra helping hand with the piecing of your log cabin block?
Check out this step-by-step tutorial!

I’ll be honest with you – these Log Cabin Blocks are pretty addictive – before you know it you’ll be making up a whole stack of them – why not create your own Log Cabin Quilt?

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Vilene Sewing Club Made PeachyThe Vilene Sewing Club In Association With…

Art Gallery Fabrics Made Peachy

All of the delicious fabrics for these makes are from the stunning range of designer prints from Art Gallery Fabrics  – take a look over the range, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Berisfords Made Peachy
The ribbons and trimmings for these projects were supplied by Berisfords, who offer a range of ribbons for sewing and decorative projects in a host of colours styles and finishes. Priced from 70p per meter and available from fabric and sewing stores. For more information visit or call 01453 883581


Hemline Made Peachy

The buttons and fasteners for these projects are from Hemline, who provide a vast range of products for all aspects of sewing and crafting which are available nationwide from sewing and craft suppliers. For more information contact or call 01453 883581


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I hope that you enjoy making your own Everyday Purse – you know, if you get in a knot you can always drop me an email with Log Cabin Pot Holder Help in the subject line!

This workshop project is for your personal use only, be cool you guys- you know the score, if your interested in scheduling a workshops or have any enquiries about the usage of this workshop material just give me a shout!

Watch this space – the next in the The Vilene Sewing Club Series will be posted next Wednesday!

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