The Vilene Sewing Club: Peter Pan Collar

The Vilene Sewing Club: Peter Pan Collar

The Vilene Sewing Club: Peter Pan Collar

April 9, 2014 | Crafts | 2 Comments

Create your own stylish removable Peter Pan Collar in a duo of designer prints.
Vilene Sewing Club Peter Pan Collar Made PeachySkills you’ll master…working curved seams, neatening and clipping seams, turning through, slip stitch, adding double faced buttons, applying a snap fastener.

Grab your supplies…
Print cotton, two complementary designs
Vilene G405 medium-weight white fusible interfacing
Two buttons
Snap fastening
Dressmaking Scissors
Needle & Thread
Sewing Machine

Let’s make a Peter Pan Collar!
Vilene Sewing Club Peter Pan Collar Made Peachy
Use the pattern piece to cut the fabrics and the Vilene G405 medium-weight white fusible interfacing

Step 1
Fold one piece of the print cotton in half and position the pattern piece onto the fabric aligning the grain line on the pattern piece with the grain line in the fabric and pin into position.
Working on a steady flat surface, use the dressmaking scissors to cut out the collar piece from the fabric. Remove the pins and reveal two collar pieces that are a mirror image of each other. Repeat to cut two more collar shapes from the second print cotton, and a further pair from the Vilene G405 medium-weight white fusible interfacing.

Step 2
With the iron set to a medium heat position one of the cotton collar pieces right side down, and lay the Vilene G405 medium-weight white fusible interfacing on top. Ensure that the adhesive side is in contact with the wrong side of the fabric. Use the iron to bond the Vilene G405 medium-weight white fusible interfacing into place until the whole section is secured. Repeat to bond the other piece of interfacing onto the other collar piece in the same fabric.

Step 3
Work the collar in two pairs. Begin by position one interfaced collar piece with a collar piece in the second print, with the right sides facing. Pin the two sections together. With a straight machine stitch, begin at the upper edge of the collar to join the two pieces together taking a scant 6mm (1/4 inch) seam allowance. At the upper straight edge, work the corners by stopping the machine with the needle in the down position and pivoting to align the machine for the next line of stitching.

Step 4
Continue working around the lower curve of the collar and up the side section of the piece. When working the last side of the collar, be sure to leave a small, 5cm, gap in the line of stitching – through which to turn the collar through neatly.

Step 5
To create a neater finish, trim away the seam allowance on the upper corners of the collar piece. Work around the seams of the curved sections of the collar making small V shaped cuts, by clipping the seam in this manner the fabrics will lay neatly on the finished piece. Draw the collar to the right side through the opening left in the seam. Use the tip of a knitting needle to ease out the corners fully if needed. Press the collar flat, ensuring the the seam allowance along the gap in the seam is pressed inside. With a needle and thread work along the opening to join the gap with neat hand slip stitches. Repeat to create the second half of the collar in the same manner.

Step 6
Using the markings on the pattern piece to mark out the position of the snap fastener onto the back neck section of the collar. Secure one side in place before securing the corresponding half to the second snap.

Step 7
Over lap the front sections of the collar and pin in place. Use the pattern piece to mark out the position of the button onto both sides of the collar. Thread the needle and bring it through the collar to the position of the button, take the needle through first button hole and back down the second hole, draw the thread through leaving a small loop of thread between the button and the collar fabric. Working on the other side of the collar, position the button and take the needle through the first hold and back down through the second, again leaving a small loop of thread.

Step 8
When the needle tip returns to the side of the first button, draw the needle through, but don’t allow it to pass through the hole in the button. Wrap the thread once around the loop before passing it through the button holes and back down to the second side. Repeat to wrap the thread loop on the second side. This create a thread shank between the buttons and the fabric on each side.

Step 9
Continue working in this manner, drawing the needle though the fabric, wrapping the shank, and then passing through the button until the buttons on each side are secure. To fasten off, draw the needle through to the surface of the fabric and move the button to the side on it’s shank and discretely fasten off.

Made Peachy Tip
When sewing around curves, look at the place where the fabric are aligned on the needle plate of the sewing machine, by carefully keeping this raw edge of fabric aligned with this point on the machine, you will be able to stitch a neat curve.

Vilene Sewing Club Peter Pan Collar Made PeachyDownload the printer-friendly version!

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Vilene Sewing Club Made PeachyThe Vilene Sewing Club In Association With…

Art Gallery Fabrics Made Peachy

All of the delicious fabrics for these makes are from the stunning range of designer prints from Art Gallery Fabrics  – take a look over the range, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Berisfords Made Peachy
The ribbons and trimmings for these projects were supplied by Berisfords, who offer a range of ribbons for sewing and decorative projects in a host of colours styles and finishes. Priced from 70p per meter and available from fabric and sewing stores. For more information visit or call 01453 883581


Hemline Made Peachy

The buttons and fasteners for these projects are from Hemline, who provide a vast range of products for all aspects of sewing and crafting which are available nationwide from sewing and craft suppliers. For more information contact or call 01453 883581


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I hope that you enjoy making your own Peter Pan Collar – you know, if you get in a knot you can always drop me an email with Peter Pan Collar Help in the subject line!

This workshop project is for your personal use only, be cool you guys- you know the score, if you’re interested in scheduling a workshop or have any enquiries about the usage of this workshop material just give me a shout!

Watch this space – the next in the The Vilene Sewing Club Series will be posted next Wednesday!

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