The Vilene Sewing Club: Sleep Eye Mask

The Vilene Sewing Club: Sleep Eye Mask

The Vilene Sewing Club: Sleep Eye Mask

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Relax in style with a custom eye mask created in a duo of striking printed cottons, contrast piping and teamed with an elegant ribbon tie.

Skills you’ll master…creating and inserting piping into a seam, securing ribbon ties, working curved seams, clipping and slip stitch.

Grab your supplies…
Print cotton, two complementary designs
Vilene H640 Volume Fleece
5mm wide cord
Bias Binding
Dressmaking Scissors
Sewing Machine
Needle and thread
Pressing Cloth

Use this pattern piece to cut the fabrics and the Vilene H640 Volume Fleece

Let’s make a Sleep Eye Mask
The Vilene Sewing Club Sleep Eye Mask Made PeachyStep 1

Place the pattern piece onto a piece of print cotton aligning the grain line on the pattern with the grain of the fabric and pin in place. Cut one piece from the print cotton using the dressmaking scissors. Repeat to cut one piece from the remaining print cotton and one piece from the Vilene H640 Volume Fleece

Step 2
Cut a strip of binding 6cm longer than the outer measurements of the eye mask and press open. Trim a piece of cord 2 cm longer than the binding. Place the cord in the centre of the binding and bring the binding over the cord and align the raw edges. Pin in place. With a zip foot and a straight machine stitch, begin working along the length of the binding to secure the cord inside the tube of binding. Using a zip foot will allow the sewing machine to place the stitches up close to the binding.

Step 3
Place one piece of cotton down with the wrong side uppermost and position the Vilene H640 Volume Fleece on top, ensuring that the adhesive side is facing the wrong side of the cotton. Cover over with a slightly damp pressing cloth and press to secure in place by pressing on a low/medium heat. Allow to cool for up to 30 minutes to allow the adhesive to fully bond.

Step 4
With the Vilene H640 Volume Fleece backed piece placed right side uppermost, position the piping around the edge with the raw edges aligned. The cord covered section will sit towards the centre of the project, pin in place. Trim away the excess cord from where the two ends meet. Trim away one section of the binding in line with the cord. Make a small fold in the remaining length of binding to turn the raw edges under and re position this so this section site beneath the trimmed section.

Step 5
Work around the binding cutting small V shapes into help to ease the binding around the curves and shaping of the project. With a zip foot attached to the machine, select a straight machine stitch and work around the edge of the mask to secure the bias tape into position. The zip foot will allow the machine to place the stitches close to the piping.

Step 6
Cut a length of ribbon long enough to tie around your head to secure the mask, fold the ribbon and cut in half to create the two ribbon ties. Position one ribbon tie onto the side of the eye mask piece, laying it on top of the piping and aligning the raw edges. Pin in place. Repeat to position and pin the second piece of ribbon. Fold the lengths of ribbon in towards the centre of the mask and pin in place to hold them away from the stitching line when creating the seam.

Step 7
Place the remaining piece of print cotton on top of the project, with the right sides facing and aligning the raw edges. Pin in place. With the zip foot still attached, select a straight machine stitch and begin sewing to join the two piece together. Work slowly using the zip foot to position the stitches as close to the piping as possible. Start on the upper edge and work around the curves, leave 5cm of the seam unstitched to allow for turning through.

Step 8
Work around the outer edge cutting small V shapes into the seam allowance to help create a neater finish when turned though. Draw through to the right side through the gap in the seam, being careful to avoid the pins securing the ribbon. Remove the pin securing the ribbon and press neatly, ensuring the the seam allowance along the gap in the seam is press inside. With a needle and thread work along the opening to join the gap with neat hand slip stitches. Trim the ribbon ends into neat swallow tails to finish.

Made Peachy Tip
When working with a zip foot look carefully at the way in which you affix this to the machine. The foot can be positioned so that the needle will come down either one side or the other side of the foot section, this allows the needle to position the stitches close to cord when creating piping. To check the foot is on correctly, there should be no part of the foot between the needle and the piping, if there is simply reaffix into alter the needle placement.

The Vilene Sewing Club Sleep Eye Mask Made PeachyDownload the printer-friendly version!

 Adding piping is just one way to fancy up your seams – why not try out these cute ideas for seams too?

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Vilene Sewing Club Made PeachyThe Vilene Sewing Club In Association With…

Art Gallery Fabrics Made Peachy

All of the delicious fabrics for these makes are from the stunning range of designer prints from Art Gallery Fabrics  – take a look over the range, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Berisfords Made Peachy
The ribbons and trimmings for these projects were supplied by Berisfords, who offer a range of ribbons for sewing and decorative projects in a host of colours styles and finishes. Priced from 70p per meter and available from fabric and sewing stores. For more information visit or call 01453 883581


Hemline Made Peachy

The buttons and fasteners for these projects are from Hemline, who provide a vast range of products for all aspects of sewing and crafting which are available nationwide from sewing and craft suppliers. For more information contact or call 01453 883581


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I hope that you enjoy making your own Sleep Eye Mask – you know, if you get in a knot you can always drop me an email with Sleep Eye Mask Help in the subject line!

This workshop project is for your personal use only, be cool you guys- you know the score, if your interested in scheduling a workshops or have any enquiries about the usage of this workshop material just give me a shout!


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