The Vilene Sewing Club: What a blast!

The Vilene Sewing Club: What a blast!

The Vilene Sewing Club: What a blast!

March 25, 2014 | Events | 1 Comment

I’m just going to come right out and say it – I’m feeling pretty euphoric about the workshops I hosted at The Vilene Sewing Club at Sewing For Pleasure at the NEC last week. Yes, euphoric. Exhausted also, but mostly euphoric! The Vilene Sewing Club: What A Blast! Made PeachyI had the very best time! I got to meet so many wonderful people, see some pretty amazing stitching and it was a real joy to be able to help those that were a little daunted about jumping on a sewing machine for the first time. My very favourite thing about these workshops was how happy you all were to be taking some time to be sitting and stitching; whether you were learning something completely new, or whether you had experience and just wanted to try out some of the amazing Vilene products – it was like being surrounded by a big bubble of stitch happiness all day, every day! photo 4The workshop spots were limited and as they were only bookable on the morning of each event, they were booked out pretty quickly. I’m sorry that some of you were disappointed to not be able to join in. So, in order to share the fun, I will be adding all of the project how to guides to this site for you to download and work on at home (and yes – you can email me if you get in a pickle, so you won’t be all alone!) So, if you didn’t get the chance to attend the workshop you wanted, or you weren’t able to join us at the show, be sure to watch this space!

When I tell you I am feeling euphoric, it is not an exaggeration (although I have been known to exaggerate!) I was completely blown away by the response to the Vilene Sewing Club workshops, the lovely friendly people that I met and the experience of being part of something so fun and exciting. I have made a whole heap of new friends – friends that love to make things which, let’s face it, are the best kind of friends to have! So thank you all for our fun times – and I hope that we get to do it again soon – I’d like to give a special Thank You Shout Out to the very sweet and kind Pauline, who dropped off a very thoughtful little gift. So, I think I’m totally justified in my announcement of feeling euphoric about the whole Vilene Sewing Club Experience! The Vilene Sewing Club: What A Blast! Made PeachyI think the only thing that I miss out on at this show was the quality shopping time…but, my bank account is probably glad of that. I’ve noticed that some of you have been adding your makes to Instagram, like  EmmaLou and DebHickman – I love to see what you’ve been making so be sure to add #MadePeachy or tag me @MadePeachy so I can see your makes! The lovely Deb also wrote a wonderfully sweet post about the show and her time at the workshops over on her beautiful blog – AWorldofImagination – you really should check it out…even though I’m rather envious of that shopping haul!

Did you come to the show, attend the workshops? Did you write a blog post about it…share your links in the comments below, I’d love to read them! The Vilene Sewing Club: What A Blast! Made PeachyGet Stocked Up! Lots of people that attended the workshops are looking for stockists for the Vilene products that were featured, so I thought I’d share with you a little list of some stockist for each of the Vilene products featured in each of the makes…

Peter Pan Collar
Vilene G405 medium-weight white fusible interfacing

Every Day Purse
Vilene G405 Decovil 1 Light 

Easy Baby Bib
Vilene G405 Medium Weight Iron On Interfacing
Fabrics Plus

Log Cabin Pot Holder
Vilene Quickscreen Square
Vilene Thermolam 
Vilene Cotton Batting

Sleep Eye Mask
Vilene H640 Volume Fleece
This is by no means an extensive list, there are many many more stockists for Vilene, so you can also contact to find your local stockist for the products featured in the list above.

Art Gallery Fabrics Made Peachy







All of the delicious fabrics for these makes are from the stunning range of designer prints from Art Gallery Fabrics  – take a look over the range, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Berisfords Made Peachy






The ribbons and trimmings for these projects were supplied by Berisfords, who offer a range of ribbons for sewing and decorative projects in a host of colours styles and finishes. Priced from 70p per meter and available from fabric and sewing stores. For more information visit or call 01453 883581

Hemline Made Peachy

The buttons and fasteners for these projects are from Hemline, who provide a vast range of products for all aspects of sewing and crafting which are available nationwide from sewing and craft suppliers. For more information contact or call 01453 883581

Thank you to EQS and DotComGiftShop for the fab additions to the Vilene Sewing Club Goodie Bags!

Now, I really must busy myself with preparing for the next show at Excel on the 3 – 5 of April – I hope I’ll be seeing you there!

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