The Week That Was: Hello 2015

January 5, 2015 | Reads | 2 Comments

The now is the start of the first full week (aka first working week) of 2015, how are we all feeling about it?

The last few weeks have been a blast, I love Christmas – it is one of my very favourite times of the year. I mean whats not to love? There are all the gift to buy and wrap, there is all the delicious food, there are the lazy evenings hanging out with folks and friends and then there are all the things that you simply don’t have time to do through out the year – you know, like working on jigsaw puzzles, reading books and generally taking life a little slower.
The Week That Was: Hello 2015 Made Peachy Slowing down has been a real blessing for me this year, I don’t think that I realised how worn out I was till the pace suddenly got a whole lot slower. I don’t know about you, but when life has been really, really busy, the first opportunity to slow down often finds me getting sick. Its the grim reality of not really knowing your limits and being ambitious to the point of exhaustion. Don’t get me wrong, no regrets here, not in the least – but I have realised that rest and relaxation (throughout the year, and not just for Christmas!) is very important.

It is this time of year that New Year Resolutions are top of the agenda – getting fitter, getting healthier, setting business goals, personal achievements that we want to nail this year. Well, I’m no different. But this year the pace is going to be a little different. Once the fireworks of New Years Eve (and the hangovers, if you suffer from them!) are faded and gone, it is all too easy to get caught up in the motivation of the year ahead – the excitement of all the things that you want to do and achieve. I’m all for jumping in both feet first and giving things my all, but this year I intend to think of things more as a slow burn, build on things gradually, day-by-day work on the things that I want to achieve, and hopefully the passion and enthusiasm wont be burning out as quickly as it started.

You’d be forgiven if you think that this means that I’m not really doing Resolutions this year. Not the case, my friends! There are lots of goals that I will be working towards. In the wake of three stinking colds in the last couple of months, health is a top priority! Work is very important to me, I have lots of new plans and projects in the pipeline ready to work on and roll out over the coming weeks and months. Y’all probably know that I’m a bit of a home bird- I love our little home and am excited for the renovations projects that we are working on and spending time with our families and dear friends.

I guess that list of Health, Work, Home and Family is sounding much like the Resolutions Lists the whole world over, am I right? So, how do I intend to stick to it? Well, little by little, day by day. Big dreams and big plans can be daunting, no matter how motivated or enthusiastic you are about them. Setting out to smash one of your resolutions within this first month of the year might be a little insane (although, kudos to you if you can make that work!) but, dedicating a little time to one or more of your goals each day, and little by little you’re going to see results, am I right? Patience is not one of my virtues, not by a long shot. If I want something, I usually want to go out there and get it or make it happen right away. So, trying to stay focused on the bigger picture is tricky and best, crazy-making at worst. In a bid to keep the bigger picture in focus, I’m setting myself the resolution of Journaling everyday.
The Week That Was: Hello 2015 Made Peachy To bring my thoughts back to my aims and goals, to keep myself on track, to hold things in perspective. (Yes friends, that is a 5 Year Journal – so, that’s a lot of perspective right there!)

What resolutions have you made this year and what are your secrets for successfully keeping and achieving your New Year goals?