The Week That Was: New Additions & New Challenges

The Week That Was: New Additions & New Challenges

The Week That Was: New Additions & New Challenges

September 29, 2014 | Reads | 1 Comment

The last week has been all about the new. A huge Top Secret project is drawing to a close and these times always feel strange to me. After months of being completely immersed in one large project to find that you suddenly have free time, well, not so much free time – there is always something out there to fill it…usually all those things that have, despite your best intentions, fallen by the wayside. But, none the less there is free head space.

TWTW New Additions Challenges 2This is a great time for catching up with your thoughts, getting things back in order and being able to re-set new goals and challenges. However, this free head space time seems to have been and gone in an instant. During the last few days, I have gone from being The Girl Who Has Finished up a Huge Project to The Girl Who (if she can make the stars align) Will Be Starting on Two Huge New Projects. The free space in my mind is now taken over with dashing to London for meetings, dissecting contracts, plotting out reasonable working schedules, assessing all commitments and trying, trying, trying to make a dream a reality. What can I say, it’s Monday and already the thinky part of my brain is rapidly racing towards the weekend and some chill out time. I know, its only Monday.

I usually like to celebrate lovely calm feeling of finishing up a huge project, however, we have been throwing ourselves headlong into sorely neglected DIY tasks, with the aim of getting through more of our home renovations. There is little glamour in the hard graft of scraping 100 year old paint from the exterior of your home, but there has to be something said about the amazing feeling of achievement…even if there is still a long hard slog ahead of me. I have learnt that most renovation projects are not a quick finish, most often I find myself returning to the same task day after day, and trying to keep up my enthusiasm when the progress is so achingly slow. In a bid to remind myself that these efforts will all pay off soon and as a little treat for reaching the end of a huge project I treated myself (and out little home) to a couple of lovely statement accents from White Faux Taxidermy – and boy, am I ever glad that I did!
TWTW New Additions Challenges 4These beauties are just about the most perfect decor elements that I have set my eyes on. I mean, what home is complete without its very own Jackalope mounted on the wall for all to see?
TWTW New Additions Challenges 3And, don’t even get me started on these resin Antlers – I have been coveting these for what feels like an eternity! Also, you may like to know that these statement pieces are created by a duo of animal lovers and no creature is harmed in the production of these amazing home accents. I am in love!
TWTW New Additions Challenges 5Aside from busting out more DIY, this coming week looks to be filled with keeping on top of commissions, projects and getting the workload in check – I’m looking forward to finishing up some colourful quilts that have been languishing in the Must Finish Someday Soon Pile ready to ship on out to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching show – speaking of which, you know there is still time to enter the giveaway that I’m running to get your hands on one of three pairs of FREE Tickets to this years event, right?
TWTW New Additions Challenges 1I’m also hoping to squeeze in as many snuggles with this little critter as possible, during these chillier nights of autumn Waffle has a new found love for curling up under a quilt – an activity I for one wont be discouraging anytime soon!

So, tell me, what does your week have in store?



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    Kate H

    October 1, 2014

    All the secret things!!! Can’t wait to hear about your projects, and I hope the things you’re trying to pull together work out for you, will keep fingers and toes crossed. Made Peachy is looking ace as ever 🙂 Kate x

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