The Week That Was: Post Deadline V1.0

The Week That Was: Post Deadline V1.0

The Week That Was: Post Deadline V1.0

June 30, 2014 | Reads | 2 Comments

Ahh! That feeling when you’ve finished up a pretty large deadline. The weight that lifted off my shoulders when the first batch of knitting projects shipped out last week was sheer bliss.  It might be only the first in a series of deadlines along the way to an epic project, but I’m all for celebrating the little milestones.

When you have to work with such keen focus on a deadline, it is often that you come out of the other side and realise that there are lots of things that you haven’t given your full attention to in a long time. The last few days have been focusing on getting things back in order. Starting with some much needed down time with family and friends.
TWTWDeadline1So, as soon as I was done at the post office, it was off to spend a few days (dodging the almighty rain showers!) at the coast – one of my very favourite ways to unwind and relax. There is something about the spending time in the rest outdoors that blows away the cobwebs like nothing else can…and it is always good for the soul to spend some time in the ‘wild’ with the hound!
TWTWDeadline3But, there are other things that need to be addresses. Let’s start with the house. I mean sure, there was a full Spring Clean earlier this year, but it’s amazing how quickly clutter seems to rack up, things seem to have wandered from their rightful homes and the place started to look altogether shabby. Gah! I can’t bear it! I know there are lots of online challenges that support and promote the process of decluttering – 40BagsIn40Days and 30DayMinimilasmChallenge – now these are great, I mean super great ideas. Ideas I can really get behind. So, what is stopping me? Well, time. Or, is it impatience? With the second part of this knitting deadline rolling around at the end of July, I am slightly worried that a final goal for decluttering and a deadline falling at the same time work work. One thing I have learnt is that the couple of weeks leading up to shipping out a large set of makes usually involves the collection of yet more stuff. So, I’d be essentially decluttering and recluttering all at the same time! Now, that can’t possible work…can it?

Somewhere in my post-deadline brain I figure that I can simply reduce the length of time for the project by doing two – yes two – sessions of decluttering every day! I know this has the potential to be bonkers. I for one know that it is all to easy to get sucked into one cleaning or decluttering task…I can’t seem to clear out my fabrics without unfolding each and every fat quarter to admire it in all it’s glory, before I know it, I’ve spent an afternoon looking at fabrics and it is time make dinner…and, worst of all, nothing has been cleared out.

So, here’s my plan! 


15 Minutes a Day
30 Clutter Zones
2 Zones per day

That’s a whopping seven and a half hours of dedicated declutter time, that will result in a house that is back to its awesome clutter-free unshabby status in under a month. Is it possible? Let’s give it a go! Who’s with me?


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    June 30, 2014

    congrats on meeting your deadline! decluttering, yikes. I have a few tricky spots, but I feel like the summer is not the time i wnat to tackle it- if I’ve got the down time, I’d prefer to be outside somehow. But it’s funny you should mention it, I just read this grea tlittle article on decluttering on zenhabits, here:

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