The Week That Was: Yarn, Yarn & Photoshoots

The Week That Was: Yarn, Yarn & Photoshoots

The Week That Was: Yarn, Yarn & Photoshoots

July 21, 2014 | Reads | 1 Comment

In a week where we found ourselves in the middle of a glorious heatwave, I have been up to my elbows in yarn, yarn and yet more yarn. With the only time I came up for air was to attend a photoshoot in a sweltering studio in London.
TWTW YarnPhotoshoots 2

Yes it was hot, yes it was surprisingly exhausting. But, It was such a fantastic experience working with the supremely talented Penny Wincer – here’s hoping that some of the amazing tips and skills that I picked up on during the course of the day actually stick in my head!
TWTW YarnPhotoshoots 1This summer will be remembered as the summer when the deadlines were so crazy that even in a heatwave I needed to keep the coffee flowing. I’m aware that of late I have been talking around a subject, there is much chat about working towards secret deadlines, mystery projects and hush-hush commissions. One of the things that I find so hard is to keep something a secret that I am really and truly bursting to share.
TWTW YarnPhotoshoots  3But, this week has taken me one step closer to being able to spill the beans exactly what it is that I have been working on for these last few weeks…not long now, I promise!
TWTW YarnPhotoshoots  4The amount of yarn that has been arriving at Peachy HQ is phenomenal! After spending so long at the sewing machine for the last few years, I had almost forgotten just how exciting it is to open up a package crammed full of beautiful, bold coloured yarns. I have almost reached the half-way point of this project, it’s been a huge challenge, both creatively and also for self-discipline. There is a lot to be said for striving to be prolific in your work…without neglecting the rest of your life, like shopping for groceries, spending time with friends and family and even (dare I say it) relaxing with a good book!

They say that hard work never killed anyone, and as I approach the final straight it is looking like this is true – or at least I hope that it is. Whilst I’m looking forward to working on the challenges of the remaining part of this project, I also can’t wait to dedicating more time to the other aspects of my work –  there are so many ideas just waiting to be transformed into real-life makes and projects and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Till then, It’s eyes down and keep on keeping on!

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    July 21, 2014

    all that yarn looks so amazing, Can’t wait to see your big reveal in the future!

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