Made Peachy – Where have you been?

Made Peachy – Where have you been?

Made Peachy – Where have you been?

May 9, 2016 | Crafts, Reads | 5 Comments

Long time no blog, in fact it’s been the longest time!

And, you’d be forgiven if you’d have thought that I’d dropped off the face of the planet. Firstly, thank you all for sticking around, and luckily for me, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve just been so caught up with living that this little place has been sadly neglected of late.

What can I say, life has been getting in the way of late. I’m happy to say that work has been accelerating at a wild pace – and while it’s exhausting it’s so rewarding. It is a blessing to work in a creative industry and to be able to challenge myself in new creative ways.

A lot of my time has been taken up with working on a couple of exciting new books – although I’m sure that wont come as much of a surprise to y’all. I love writing books, believe it or not, I love the challenge of working to deadline (although most are often a little tighter then I might like!). I adore the process of pitching and refining initial ideas, I love the concept of building and developing a brief, I relish the process of sketching, gathering inspiration and designing. The making aspect is actually only a small portion of the whole process, there are lots of other stages of pattern checking, editing and proofreading before the final book is completed.

So, enough talk about process…how about a sneak peek of these two new books?

As many of you may know, knitting is one of my first loves, that is to say creating unique knitted items was my first venture into designing while I worked on the editorial team of Let’s Knit Magazine. While that feels like a life time ago, knitting is always one of my go-to creative pastimes, so working on a new collection of patterns was a real treat!

35 Knitted Baby Blankets – for the nursery, pram & playtime, £12.99, CICO Books
On Sale September 2016

Baby Blankets
From the first car journey to an outing in a stroller, a knitted blanket will accompany baby wherever they go. Laura Strutt has designed a teddy bear travel blanket that cleverly folds away into a pillow and a hooded wrap for keeping cozy in a sling. For the nursery there is a soft crib cover and a dungaree-style sleeping sack in breathable merino yarn—perfect for a peaceful night’s rest. For playtime, there’s a cotton-backed blanket that can double up as a rug to take out and about and a tiny comforter blanket guaranteed to become baby’s closest companion.  
Love knitting for baby? (me too!) You can pre-order you copy over on Amazon
Ready for the next sneak peek?
Weaving is craft that has taken a huge leap in the creative sphere in recent times, you don’t have to wander too far on Instagram or Etsy before you spot a whole range of wonder fin textile creations. The process of weaving and creating woven textile arts is both soothing a vibrant, allowing you too work with a range of materials and fibres to create unique one off pieces.
I’m so stoked to share this new book packed with lots of techniques to get you started, build your weaving skills and designs for you to try at home!
Modern Weaving – learn to weave with 25 bright & brilliant weaving projects, £12.99,
CICO Books
On Sale October 2016
Weaving Book 
Laura Strutt has designed 25 contemporary weavings in a range of stylish colorways, from bright neons to pastels, Navajo-inspired earth tones, monochrome, and neutrals, as well as suggesting alternate colors so you can match your makes to your home and your accessories to your mood. With a comprehensive techniques section that covers everything from how to make your own loom, warping (preparing) a loom, basics such as tabby weave, bubbling, Egyptian knots, Soumak weave, basket weave, and many more, you will develop the skills you need to make a wide range of exciting projects, such as a stunning gold and cream wall hanging with extra-long Rya knots, a pastel-colored hanging with ribbons and strips of lace to create a tactile texture, or a pretty phone cover with Aztec-inspired triangles—the only difficult part is choosing what to make first!
Fancy giving weaving a go – and why wouldn’t you? You can pre-order on Amazon!

So all of this book-working has been keeping me super busy of late and when you truly love your job it is hard to determine where work stops and life starts, but Im so thrilled to be able to share this exciting new chapter (yes, that was a book pun – sorry, not sorry!)

Aside from these new books to look out for in the late summer, I have a few new technique vides to share with you very soon…so stay tuned!


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    May 15, 2016

    whoa, you have definitely been busy! So looking forward to checking out the baby blankets book, yay! You know, I’d love to read more about the process of the pitch, refining ideas, etc. That would be a cool e-course or multi blog post idea!

    • Reply


      May 16, 2016

      Thank you Julie! Lots of people have spoken to me about pitching books and I have been thinking about setting this up as a e-course, I’m just looking into the best way to collate and offer this info – I will keep you posted!

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    May 31, 2016

    Darling, do you sell your blankets? 😍 If so, I may need one or several…

    • Reply


      June 9, 2016

      Kimi! Hope you & your sweet family are doing well!
      Getting an Etsy store stocked in on my To Do List – but I’m not sure how far off that is at this stage! What types of blankets are you interested in – knitted, crochet granny square or quilts, you can send me an email and we can have a chat about it – would be lovely to catch up! xox

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