Wintertime Wrapping Theme (yes, that is a thing!)

Wintertime Wrapping Theme (yes, that is a thing!)

Wintertime Wrapping Theme (yes, that is a thing!)

October 12, 2013 | Style | No Comments

With all the potential (read: actual, and they’re fully happening!) shopping opportunities here at the Knitting & Stitching Show, it’s got me thinking about Christmas. Ok, so most of the goodies that I’ve been buying here aren’t really gifts yet – but I’ve stocked up on plenty of supplies for getting into into the Christmas Making Season!

I know, you’re probably thinking that it’s still an age away. But if, like me, you like to handmake some of your Christmas goodies, then it is never too soon to start – and I for one am going to be starting soon!

There are lots of things that I love about Christmas – watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, drinking mulled wine, wrapping gifts – to name but a few. Every family has their own festive traditions and one of mine starts round about now – early I know, but indulge me on this!

I adore wrapping gifts. Not only do I enjoy the process (usually teamed with watching Christmas movies and mulled wine!), there is also the fact that the stress of the shopping is behind you and all that lies ahead is the fun, food & festivities! Not only do I love wrapping gifts, but I also love picking out the paper, selection the ribbons and choosing and writing out each and every gift tag.

I love the way that the presents look under the tree, so I always take extra time to pick out selected papers, trimmings and tags to get just the seasonal look I want. I (only half jokingly) call this my Wintertime Wrapping Theme…what? Are you trying to tell me that you don’t have a theme for all your gift wraps over the festive season? Some years I like to pick traditional red with with accents, or I might favour novelty prints, or other times I opt for simple brown paper tied up with string (just like in the Sound of Music – which I’m certain we all watch during the holiday!) Whatever I pick out, half the fun is finding just the right selection of papers, tissue, trimming and labels to make all the gifts look just as good on the outside as they are on the inside!

So I don’t have to justify my Christmas fever any further, take a look at some of the Wintertime Wrapping Themes I’m considering for this Christmas…
MadePeachy DotComGiftShop Wrapping Guide

Rusty Gift Paper, £6.95 for five sheets Rusty Card, £1 each Bunting Ribbon, £2.95 Birdy Gift Tags, £2.95 per set of six

MadePeachy DotComGiftShop Wrapping GuideMoustache Wrap, £6.95 for five sheets Moustache Card, £1 each Multi Coloured Parcel String, £2,95 Moustach Brown Paper, £6.95 for five Sheets

MadePeachy DotComGiftShop Wrapping GuideJack Frost Christmas Card, £1 each Dress Up Dolly Gift Boxes, £6.95 per set of three Vintage Gift Wrap, £6.96 for five sheets Vintage Gift Tags, £1.95 per pack of six

These amazing collections are available from DotComGiftShop – take a peek and let me know what you Wintertime Wrapping Theme will be this year!


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